Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians are licensed healthcare providers who have undergone rigorous professional training at an accredited school of naturopathic medicine. Naturopaths use diagnostic and therapeutic techniques from both modern and traditional medicines.

Many patients consider Dr. Teresa to be their primary care physician (PCP). In other cases, patients come to see Dr. Teresa when they already have a PCP but are looking to add a holistic natural medicine approach to their current healthcare plan. In this case, there is no need to CHOOSE one type of medicine or the other, Dr. Teresa is happy to coordinate care with other specialists and providers as needed.


  • Annual Physicals and blood tests
  • Well Child Exams & Sports Physicals
  • Women’s Health (including Pap smears)
  • Acute Care (Non-Emergency) = Colds, Urinary tract infections, Sinus Infections
  • Ongoing Care = long standing or “chronic” conditions (Digestive Problems, Cholesterol Management, Diabetes, Fatigue, Thyroid)
  • B Vitamin Injections
  • Food Sensitivity (“Allergy”) Testing
  • Adrenal Stress Testing (Adrenal Health Index)

Tools of the Trade

Naturopathic physicians work with the individual to address the cause of health problems, prevent disease and promote optimal well-being. The beautiful part of this medicine is that there are so many different methods and types of medicines that can be used.

Here are just some of the ways Dr. Teresa will support your body’s own inherent desire to be healthy:


  • Provide Support in Building a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Sleep habits
    • Hydration
    • Movement & Exercise Recommendations
    • Emotional Well-being & Stress Management Techniques
  • Nutritional Education
    • Learn about foods and specific nutrients to help you feel great
  • Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements
    • Customized vitamin and nutrient recommendations
  • Herbal medicine
    • Plants used to promote optimal health. There are a variety of ways to take herbal medicines including liquid, powder, and capsule forms.
  • Homeopathy
    • Dilute medicinal substances that work by stimulating the body’s own healing response.
  • Physical Medicine
    • Hands on techniques like massage therapy, manual therapy and stretching, and craniosacral therapy.
  • Prescription Medications
    • If needed, ND’s can utilize modern medicines when needed including antibiotics, thyroid, cholesterol and diabetes medications.


Ayurveda is the natural healing system from India, believed to be over 5,000 years old. Before the days of labs tests and MRI’s – healers used their senses to diagnose and treat patients.  Modern scientific studies are now beginning to understand the how and why these therapies work.

Dr. Teresa completed extensive training in Ayurveda and specializes in helping patients receive a TRULY personalized health plan by incorporating Ayurveda into her Naturopathic Medicine Appointments.

The Ayurvedic Approach can be especially beneficial for conditions like:

  • Stress and mood disorders (anxiety, depression)
  • Digestive concerns (gas, constipation, IBS, reflux)
  • Metabolic Disease (high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure)

What is the Ayurvedic Approach?

The first step is to find out your mind-body constitution (DOSHA) and determine if any imbalance is present.

Then we create a personalized plan for your health including:

  • Lifestyle recommendations
    • Daily routines
    • Stress management techniques
    • Exercise recommendations
  • Nutrition
    • Specific food recommendations determined by your constitution and any imbalances present.
  • Herbal medicine
    • Ayurvedic herbs and mineral formulas
  • Bodywork
    • Therapies to promote relaxation and detoxification

Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic bodywork is very beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain and musculoskeletal concerns. These techniques can also help promote mental relaxation, stress relief, improved energy and better sleep. Just some of the benefits of bodywork include increased flexibility, decreased pain and reduced muscle tension.

Massage Therapy (60 minutes)

  • Deep tissue massage – customized to your body’s tolerance
  • Swedish style
  • Trigger Point Release
  • “Muscle Energy Stretching” to promote relaxation of muscle tension and improved flexibility
  • Intra-oral massage – very beneficial for TMJ, jaw pain and headache sufferers


Craniosacral Therapy (60 minutes)

  • Gentle bodywork with very light pressure
  • Releases tension and misalignment in the connective tissue (fascia) of the body
  • Supports optimal alignment of bony structures
  • Excellent therapy for neck pain and headaches


Abhyanga Inspired Massage (75 minutes)

  • Based on the ancient Indian bodywork technique Abhyanga, this soothing whole body treatment uses warm oil and gentle pressure to promote relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Often used as a part of a “cleanse” program – as it is helps to mobilize toxins
  • Beneficial for reducing anxiety, balancing stress and relieving fatigue